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In 2013 after producing my LP I thought ensuring that people gets the music as conveniently as possible and seing physical distribution costly and requiring a higher level distribution network I chose to go digital. But, that was not enough: going digital as like physical distribution needs intense marketing and technology fit for any market. I designed a business model for my music which involves: Music Streaming and Online outlets for mp3s. I have thus partnered with content distributors to deliver to iTunes, Amazon and streaming services such as Deezer and Spinlet and all others.

This is not enough. I have a free music sharing site for artists to host their freely available music for their fans to quickly listen or download. I am at the same time working to establish an online store for albums and singles.


To be the number one Gospel entertainment service provider, giving communities access to unlimited gospel content.


Through internet technology we will deliver to the gospel fan digital products that enhance Christian living.


The product and its value must be good. Gospel music is good, this is value communicated in its quality and its quantity. At Bludrobe, we are the number one gospel music fans and therefore monetizing our consumption of the music is key to keeping the relevance of music in our society.


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I studied economics at the university of Namibia. I sing and love gospel music.

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